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Planner Extension Pack: Our Executive Team

Planner Extension Pack: Our Executive Team


Don't you love when you have everything in one place? I know I do. This extension pack will pair nicely with your current planner and your 2023 planner. 


This extension packet includes space to list:

  • the names and titles of each member of your executive/leadership team
  • travel preferences and hotel accommodations
  • food preferences/allergies 
  • family details including anniversaries and children's sports activiites 
  • physical office information, etc,


You will no longer have to search for this information but it will all be in one place. 

Going on vacation? Leave this packet with your colleague to support your leader and enjoy your time off. :) 


Transferring to a different leader or position entirely, add this packet to your Desk Reference Manual for your backfill.


There are so many benefits to having this packet as a tool for your day-to-day leadership support. 

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