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Administrative Training

Cubicle Connections, LLC offers comprehensive administrative training designed to improve administrative workflows and processes within the organization.


We also offer career development and organizational skills training. Our services are designed to equip individuals, leaders, groups, administrative, and executive assistants with the skills they need to succeed in their roles.

Skill Boosting Webinars for the Administrative/Executive Assistant

Our Skill Boosting Webinars offer administrative and executive assistants the opportunity to improve their skillsets through a variety of topics. We provide a skill gap analysis to identify areas of improvement, as well as guidance on how to create an admin group in your organization, career development strategies, and more. Join us to take your skills to the next level!


Administrative Consulting Services

Our Administrative Consulting Services provide customized and tailored solutions to help individuals and groups reach their goals. We offer both individual 1:1 and group options, with sessions available in-person or virtually. Our services focus on skill building and are tailored to the individual or group's needs to help them succeed in their roles.


"Unlock the Power of Strategic Partnership Program - Harness the Benefits of Collaboration"

Our "Unlock the Power of Strategic Partnership-Harnessing the Power of Collaboration" training session helps organizations collaborate more effectively and efficiently. We help admins and their leaders clarify roles and responsibilities, understand each other's value, and learn to leverage each other's skills for a collaborative effort. With our service, you can maximize the potential of your partnerships and unlock the power of synergy.


"Create An Admin Group in Your Organization"

In a time with so many changes and varying skillsets, assistants need a safe space to share best practices and grow together. In this training session, available virtually and in-person, you will learn the steps to take to develop, get approval for, and maintain a successful peer group for your administrative teams. If you are looking to build a knowledge base of exceptional admins for your company. This workshop is for you.


Administrative Assistant: Back to the Basics Training

Our 'Back to the Basics' training program is designed exclusively for administrative and executive assistants seeking to enhance their foundational skills and knowledge. Our meticulously crafted program offers essential training catered to your unique needs, setting you up for success in your role. Join our training program today to take the first step toward becoming an effective administrative assistant.

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